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Though most people use tablets and laptops for surfing the internet, these are the worst option for the domain investor, as the wifi and bluetooth cannot be completely disabled. In windows there is a provision for disabling the bluetooth and wifi, however, there are backdoors which are known only to technical intelligence agencies for national security purposes. In case of the webmaster, these backdoors are used to
monitor her activities offline
hack her laptops
disable the keyboard, touchpad
In one particular case, the diploma holder siddhi commited corporate espionage, falsely claiming that she wanted to work at home, and injected sophisticated malware, which allows her and her associates to steal all the data on the computer using the wifi network she has access to. Allegedly large corporates like google, tata, paypal are protecting and promoting the fraud siddhi from facing the consequences of her crime.
Increasingly computer brands are offering all in one Desktops integrating the monitor and the CPU. However, these have wifi and bluetooth inbuilt, which can be very risky to use, as they cannot be disabled remotely. All the desktop from Apple also have wifi and bluetooth inbuilt, forcing the webmaster to look at other options

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