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Any company or brand interested in having their laptop, computer, tablet reviewed and featured on the website are requested to send an email to websites(at) and contact details for postal correspondence can be checked using whois. Please note that the real webmaster is a very experienced computer user, but unfortunately due to high level of fraud, nepotism in the indian internet sector, her important correspondence has been routed through the cheater friends of powerful officials in a cheap impersonation attempt. Ordinary Postal mail may be stolen
Allegedly powerful officials in the indian internet sector, instigated by large corporates are fraudulently claiming that their lazy liar mediocre friends own this and other websites in our network, when these women are not connected to us in any way, as they do not want to any work, or spend any money on the many expenses involved in operating a website network. However, they want to shamelessly claim ownership and get credit for work they do not do, money they do not spend, The webmaster would like to file a case against these cheater women and their friends for section 420 cheating, corporate espionage, sexual harassment.
Earlier Iball, Ebay, HP, Toshiba were misled by these officials and their friends as result of which Iball has extremely unfavorable screenshots of the problems faced posted at Goa based companies Dlink and Digilink did not want unfavorable media coverage, hence they have requested the hackers not to harass the webmaster, the real owner of the website network. The photos of these pampered friends of powerful officials can be provided,
For more details or if any clarifications are needed send an email to