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The reason for the search for a suitable computer for home use, is mainly due to the fact that the domain investor, webmaster and engineer has been harassed for many years by officials with her computers hacked . These officials are probably holding top positions in indian technical intelligence agencies, and have access to the most sophisticated monitoring equipment and license to waste unlimited tax payer money as they wish.

As the work of these officials has not been audited or regulated, these officials are free to use the equipment for personal grudges and hatred. especially against their classmate who they hate . They are unfortunately using the equipment and money to hack her laptops, at present, she has 6 branded laptops which have different problems mostly keyboard and mouse are not working.

Additionally these officials are monitoring her activities, so that they can falsely claim that their lazy liar cheater good looking friends especially nayanshree hathwar,wife of guruprasad hathwar, diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, bsc sunaina own their classmates business, are doing all the work, to get these friends great powers, lucrative government jobs in indian intelligence agencies at the expense of their classmate who they hate

Hence the quest to find a computer which cannot be hacked by the these extremely powerful and intelligent officials who are not accountable to anyone
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