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Due to the lack of transparency, the internet connection of experienced webmasters are routed through certain officials who can remain anonymous. These officials who hide behind mediocre women, like the cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, wife of guruprasad hathwar, will abuse their powers to harass the webmaster by deleting files from the hard disk of the computer of the webmaster without a valid reason. these files could be the emails downloaded using an email client, or other files on the folder. These officials have the license to commit cybercrimes without being punished as even nayanshree hathwar informed the webmaster on phone, that her associates were deleting files on the webmaster's computer, wasting indian tax payer money, hence it will be important to store all data on pen drives, as no data on the hard drive of the experienced webmaster will be safe, as the cybercriminals hiding behind the cunning cheater nayanshree hathwar cannot be held accountable and can remain anonymous Thus experienced, honest hardworking webmasters in India are at a great disadvantage compared to lazy cheaters whose relatives and friends have access to expensive government equipmen, and can waste tax payer money for corporate espionage, data theft. Complaining to bangalore cybercrime against nayanshree hathwar with all proof has not helped the webmaster as she appears to be very well connected, with powerful friends and relatives. More details available at Photos required
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