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The webmaster has spent a large amount of her hard earned money on laptops of different brands including
1. Toshiba
2. Asus
3. Samsung
4. HP
6. MSI
8. Dell
For more than 10 years, she did not face any problem but after 2010 she has faced a number of problems with almost all laptops. In case of Toshiba and HP, the keyboard stopped functioning during the warranty period, and was replaced by the manufacturer, However, after some months, the keyboard again stopped working, and the problem appears to be particularly severe in Goa. Replacing the keyboard can be very time consuming and expensive, as the replacement part may not be available in a small town like goa. There appears to be a backdoor available, in all these laptops which can be accessed with a wifi network to disable the keyboard remotely.
It is difficult for an ordinary civilian to access the confidential information which these officials use to hack the laptop of a harmless innocent civilian for personal hatred. This feature has been misused repeatedly to harass the domain investor, engineer, online exporter and webmaster to cause losses, waste of time and money. Though the HP laptop purchased in 2013 with Windows 8 cannot be used without external accessories, the Compaq/HP laptop purchased in 2006 can still be used

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