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It appears that all laptops of the webmaster are hacked using the wifi network, except those on which malware has been installed by the cheater diploma holder siddhi from goa. After her mother falsely claimed that they were very honest, hardworking, the cunning cheater siddhi installed malware on the laptop of the webmaster, falsely claiming that she wanted to work at home. The extremely sophisticated software cannot be detected or removed using a conventional malware removal tool, and it allows the cheater siddhi and her associates to steal all data that will be typed on the computer.
The dishonest well connected fraud siddhi has allegedly cunningly claimed credit for all the work done on the computer when she has done no work at all, She has been fraudulently introduced to people as the owner of the online business, when she does not spend a single paisa on business expenses, or do any work. Her well connected friends and relatives have hacked more than 5 laptops of the webmaster wasting indian tax payer money, expensive government equipment, to ensure that the webmaster continues to work only on the samsung laptop on which the pampered cheater siddhi has installed malware, which cannot be removed,
Nayanshree hathwar and sunaina are other women who falsely claim to be doing all the work for the online exporter, when they actually do nothing , because their associates can hack and monitor the laptop of the online exporter wasting indian tax payer money, expensive government equipment.
allegedly the cheater diploma holder has been fraudulently appointed to an important government job as reward for the corporate espionage, falsely claiming that she has the experience, IIT Bombay 1993 degree, investment, skills, work ethic of the experienced webmaster she cheated and can now steal all the important correspondence of the webmaster abusing her powers at the important government job.
If the webmaster exposes all these frauds who have cheated, harassed and exploited her, the powerful officials are blackmailing threatening to file false cases, to waste her time and money,

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